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StinkWater® Nutrient Water, Wholesale Drum

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StinkWater® is a Nutrient Water used to nourish your plants for abundant growth. It's a blend of farm raised horse manure and a mix of Rosewood well-water, unfiltered rain water and water from the lower Suwannee Delta that has all of the carbon and nutrient rich river silt included.

Use on growing plant products throughout your business to increase your client satisfaction. 

Purchase of first drum has a one time deposit charge per drum, for refund upon return or refill. Our team will reach out with further details. Delivery charges determined according to location. Free pick up offered at Barnhill Landscapes Garden Center in Chiefland, FL. Please contact us with any questions or requests. 


Blend of farm raised horse manure and mix of water made up of Rosewood well-water, unfiltered rain water and water from the lower Suwannee Delta including its river silt rich in carbon and nutrients.

How to use

For Transplanting: Use a spray applicator to saturate the bottom of the planting hole before adding your plant of choice. Once established, be sure to soak the root ball with the nutrient water for optimal performance.

For Established Crops: For best results, saturate the soil around the stem base 2 to 3 times per week. You can use a spray applicator or add to your irrigation system. Using more than the recommended rate will imprve results. (Do not use more than 3 times recommended rate.)


Whether you are a farmer, commercial grower, or home garden enthusiast, our products are Mother Nature's gifts to all organic growers.

  • All Natural

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free

  • Chemical Free

  • Tested Regularly