How It’s Better for Plants and Gardens

The world’s natural ecosystems have been suffering for years due to many fertilizers people use on their plants or vegetables. At Stinkwater® we diligently research ways to use natural elements better for gardening than box store fertilizers for the betterment of Earth.

Learn About Nutrient Water

Why Is Stinkwater® Nutrient Water, Not Fertilizer? 

Stinkwater® has created a brand of nutrient water combining silt water from three rivers in Cedar Key, Florida, while also incorporating a healthy dose of horse manure. This water-soluble plant food is easier for plants and roots to absorb than harsh fertilizers. Fertilizers contain chemicals and synthetics additives that cause soil damage in the long run. Stinkwater Nutrient Water is not a fertilizer! It’s a healthy tea for flowers, plants, and gardens.

It’s common knowledge that plants, vegetables, and even soil need nutrients and minerals to produce successfully. However, silt is also an important lesser-known factor in successful growth. Silt is solid, dust-like sediment that water, ice, and wind can transport and deposit. It is created when rock is eroded by water or ice. In water, the sediment continually scrapes against each other, grinding each other into the micro-sized silt. These particles mainly consist of felspar and quartz. The dust comprises rock and mineral particles that produce a slippery surface when wet. While dry, silt can be easily carried by the wind and is capable of turning barren land into fertile land.

So Why Is This Important For Nutrient Water?

If specific soil has a higher concentration of silt, it is considered a silt soil in its own category that is also productive for growing. Silt is easily compacted, making it simple to keep much-needed nutrients and moisture intact for plants or vegetables while allowing the water to flow through as needed. It also supports excellent air circulation. 

Manure Tea

Most know that manure can be a healthy supplement to gardening or farming. This brings us to manure tea, a mixture of aged manure steeped in water to create a liquid that can be used to promote healthier soil, plants, and vegetables. 

This ingredient is where significant minerals, such as magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium come into play, promoting rich soil quality. N-P-K stands for the three basic plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps increase the plant's capacity to produce new stems, flowers and fruit. Phosphorus produces the oils and starch in the plant which provide strong root systems. Potassium helps build protein, fights off diseases and is also necessary for photosynthesis.

Did You Know?

  • While recent federal regulations have banned fertilizer transportation via rail lines, this does not affect our consumers! You won’t have to experience any struggle when purchasing and shipping nutrient water.
  • With the natural ingredients in nutrient water, you won’t have to worry about it expiring!
  • While it does contain horse manure, Stinkwater Nutrient Water does not produce a bad smell. 

How Do We Use Stinkwater®?

When using Stinkwater® Nutrient Water, rest assured there’s no risk of burning roots like many fertilizers. It can be used in its full strength or diluted – it’s entirely up to you! Aside from promoting growth, it can be added to an irrigation system which would dilute the nutrient water while still providing a constant influx of much-needed minerals to your plants and soil. 

It is intended to be sprayed either on plants or directly into the soil before replanting, which we now know how vital silt water can be for infertile land.

We recommend applying Stinkwater® to the soil in the late afternoon to minimize the effects of evaporation. Doing this will also allow the roots absorb more of the nutrient water into the evening hours.

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