Discover Our Farm

At Cedar Bees Farm, we believe in paying it forward.
Here are a few of our favorite products that help our farm thrive.


Let’s face it. In Florida it gets dry and you have to make sure you water. One hose waters our 44 boxes. Worry-free watering, never over or under. Can purchase weed covers and other supplies. Great for all types of gardening; on a farm, patio or even a balcony. Our grandkids planted their own box, a smaller version of a raised garden. They have a tomatoes, basil, and eat right off the plant!



Florida Chicken Coops

Cindy and Steve, Chicken Coops are made of kiln dried cypress wood so they don’t rot with the rain. Florida is very humid so it's helpful. Choice of color and customizable with shelving. Roomy, house up to 10 chickens, 4 nest boxes, Sturdy construction, great craftsmanship and delivered locally. The coops are user friendly and a family business, wife built and husband delivered.


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