About Us

Cedar Bees Farm has been family-owned since 2017 and had a peculiar start. AJ and Yvonne Monte were living in Orlando when a good friend spoke to them about Cedar Key and how spectacular the place was so they decided to take a trip. On their way to Cedar Key, AJ found himself staring out the window when he noticed a sign for airport lots for sale. The wheels in his mind began spinning as he threw his car in reverse to find out more information. The road led down to a heavily wooded area where AJ found a neighboring home to the land for sale and struck up a conversation about the property. Not long after that conversation, AJ purchased the property, and now nine years later, a home was built on it. More structures were added to the land to begin his dream of owning a farm as time passed. Rabbits, chickens, horses, and even a handful of beehives joined the farm.

While AJ brought their dream to life, he has always been an entrepreneur and a standup community member. His ideologies stem from spreading wealth, not money. He finds peace in nature while also being humbled by it. God's creations have brought him spirituality to appreciate beauty.

AJ never lost sight of his dream to create a homestead that would be their oasis. He dug in his heels to create the life he wanted and aspires to help others do the same through products while creating exceptional customer service of over-delivering expectations. As the farm grew, AJ and Yvonne knew they wanted to create their own products to use and sustain the farm, including better environmental options, including nutrient water. At Cedar Bees Farm, you will find Frank's peas, lettuce, tomatoes, butternut squash, malabar spinach among many others. Between the rows of vegetables, you'll find flowers specifically planted and cared for to increase bee pollination and connect one life cycle to another.

AJ planted a seed, and the company flourished.

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