StinkWater® Nutrient Water

Located in Cedar Key, FL, Mother Nature has provided us with the perfect weather conditions to produce our Nutrient Water so you may enrich your soil as nature has intended.



Whether you are a farmer, commercial grower, or home garden enthusiast, our products are Mother Nature's gifts to all organic growers.

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  • All Natural

    StinkWater™ is produced in the Island city of Cedar Key, Florida located just south of the Suwannee River Delta from its nutrient rich river silt, water and horse manure.

  • Hormone & Antibiotic Free

    The animals the finest pastures in the State of Florida, are free from any hormones and antibiotics.

  • Chemical Free

    The pastures we have selected are always free from all chemicals.

  • Tested Regularly

    Our products are regularly tested for minerals and PH through the University of Florida Laboratory in Gainesville, Florida.